Chicago Herpes Dating Success Stories!

By | August 26, 2015

1. Username available to members only , Chicago, IL, United States
After stayed at the site several years, a Canadian girl catched my eyes one day when I browsed members. Although she was not in my city, I still decided to send her a wink. I got her reply soon and we have been crazy about each other from the very start. I think I found my princess! THIS IS SO CRAZY, but I never felt so sure about anything in my whole life. Thank you Herpes Dating Chicago!!!!!!

2. Username available to members only , Chicago, IL, United States

I finally met her months after I joined the site, and had a beautiful short affair then. At first, we were just simply happy to be able to have sex again at all, because we thought those days were behind us, and we wrote our thing off as a fling. We each met other people too, but stayed in contact, and became friends. When we left other people, solid relationship developed between us, and it’s been great for about two years.

One interesting thing: we both found that members on this Chicago Herpes Dating site were incredibly good at discussing sex. Maybe because we’ve had to confront the consequences of not thinking about it properly.

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