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What’s it like finding the love of your life when you are getting treated for herpes? Well, not many people actually know how it feels like dating someone with herpes, after all, who would want to contract an STD, knowingly. Every one in five people in U.S. have genital herpes; that’s more than 50 million people in United States only. What’s even more appalling is that 85 percent of them don’t even know if they have it.

When it comes to Chicago, it ranks in the top 5 cities in U.S. for people with herpes, so it’s quite inevitable that dating game is not that strong in there.

The good new is: If you have been diagnosed with herpes lately, and if you live in Chicago, you can keep yourself from living a secluded or alienated life. is a silver lining for all the people in Chicago who are positive for herpes. The website has been promoting more than just a dating platform for people with this STD. In fact, it’s an all-in-one portal where you could find friends, support and even the love of your life.

What’s interesting is the fact that is turning out to to be a successful platform. Honestly, it’s a very ingenious solution, i.e. giving people with herpes a voice, where they won’t be treated aliens for their medical condition. It’s the age of technological aggrandizement and you could expect digital miracles to happen anytime, and is one of them. If you look at the facts about the site, there are a total of 9728 members, which is quite a large figure. But there is more actually.


Here is a breakdown of the stats:

Type of Herpes Number of members with the disease
HSV-1 (cold sore) 1082
HSV-1 (genital) 935
HSV-2 (genital) 3567
Herpes (type unidentified) 866
HSV (all types) 5660
HPV 955


Let’s take a look at the demographics on the site:

Women looking for men 32.257%
Men looking for women 41.941%
Men looking for men 20.179%
Women looking for women 2.333%
Couples 0.627%



Here are some more age-related demographics:

Age Group Ratio
18- to 25-year olds 6.877%
26- to 35-year olds 36.441%
36- to 45-year olds 31.229%
46- to 55-year olds 18.287%
56- to 65-year olds 6.147%
66 and above 0.946% is turning out to be a powerful platform for people with herpes to connect and share their musings with others. There are 77 success stories on the sites so far, while there are people who also like to post about their inspirational stories too.

The website is super-easy to use. There is just a single tab from where you could access stories, or even connect with other people for dating and more.

If you are having herpes (or even if you don’t), is also a valuable resource to educate yourself about this STD.

Chicago girl with herpes found potential partner.

I am from Chicago, Illinois, and just hang in there! I have met a wonderful potential mate who has all the qualities I am look for. I hope this leads to something serious, so far so good! I’ll keep everyone posted on our progress.

Chicago Herpes Dating Success Stories!

1. Username available to members only , Chicago, IL, United States
After stayed at the site several years, a Canadian girl catched my eyes one day when I browsed members. Although she was not in my city, I still decided to send her a wink. I got her reply soon and we have been crazy about each other from the very start. I think I found my princess! THIS IS SO CRAZY, but I never felt so sure about anything in my whole life. Thank you Herpes Dating Chicago!!!!!!

2. Username available to members only , Chicago, IL, United States

I finally met her months after I joined the site, and had a beautiful short affair then. At first, we were just simply happy to be able to have sex again at all, because we thought those days were behind us, and we wrote our thing off as a fling. We each met other people too, but stayed in contact, and became friends. When we left other people, solid relationship developed between us, and it’s been great for about two years.

One interesting thing: we both found that members on this Chicago Herpes Dating site were incredibly good at discussing sex. Maybe because we’ve had to confront the consequences of not thinking about it properly.

Herpes, HPV, Genital Warts Support Support Groups Chicago , Illinois

Support for people with herpes arose from the work of the American Social Health Association. Local Herpes Support Groups can usually be found at Meetup, Facebook and other social network. Here we listed some popular Chicago Herpes Support Groups:
1. A private social group for Chicago singles and friends living with Herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2) and/or HPV, Genital Warts. 634 members have joined it and 233 past meetups have been successfully organized since it was founded on Oct 26, 2006. 2-3 events each month.

People of Color Chicago is a social, support group for those who have HSVI, HSV2 or HPV without the race discrimination. This is a member focused group, meaning the members choose their events and help to shape the group.
Chicago Friends – A public group with 774 members for Illinois people with HSV (Genital Herpes) & HPV.